Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1, 2012

One year ago as we were decorating the Christmas tree, the doctor called to tell us that Josh needed a transfusion. It was already late in the afternoon when we headed to the hospital in Amarillo and I remember thinking how different our lives had become.

After 5 or 6 hours, an x-ray and a blood transfusion, we were on our way home.

Today, we are back in Amarillo, but for a different reason. Sarah is taking her ACT's and  in a few minutes we will go pick up Josh and take him to breakfast. Since last month and his escapade with the rolling car, he has started a second job (to save for a new car) and has learned the joys of working retail during the Christmas season.

The other day as Josh and I talked about our lives over the last year and a half, I was a proud dad to hear him talk about how God must have plans for him after all that he has been though and God has spared his life miraculously (twice in one year).

Last night when we went by one of his job's (Frazzelberry's off of Georgia), Ilene was talking to one of the customers. They saw us bring him dinner and commented on how good of a worker Josh was. Ilene shared briefly what Josh had been through and shared how God had been faithful.

As we go into this season when we celebrate the gift that God gave us through His Son, remember to keep you focus on whose birthday we are celebrating. As you hang the lights on the house and the tree, remember that He wants you to be a light in the world. When you buy those presents and place them under the tree, remember, the gift He gave was hung on a tree for you.

This Christmas we are celebrating the life God gave us, make sure you tell someone this season about the gift God has hung on a tree for them.

Merry Christmas From the Walton's