The A, B, C's of Life

If you know us, then you know that our lives have meaning because of a relationship that we have with the creator of the universe. We have experienced God's blessing in our lives because we live under His grace.

If you don't have a personal relationship with God and would like more information, you can call us at 806-244-5584. Because this a a personal decision, we know that God has strategically put people in your life who you know well enough to believe what they tell you.

I would encourage you to begin praying that God would give you the courage to ask someone you know about their relationship with God. You see living underder God protective grace is as simple as the A, B, C's.

A - Admit that you are a sinner (which we all are)
B - Believe that God sent his only son, Jesus, to pay the price for all of our sins
C - Choose to live your life the way God designed you to live. Choose to live differently then the rest of the world.