Life With Leukemia

Our first visit to Texas before we moved here.

We are the Texas Walton's. We are on an amazing journey of discovering God's faithfulness even in challenging and difficult situations.

Our journey has been filled with exciting and interesting adventures that have shown us Gods faithfulness, grace and mercy. The most recent adventure is a first for us.

In twenty two years of marriage raising four children, we have experienced God protection in regards to health. On July 18th we checked our 17 year old son into the hospital and 2 days later found out that he has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). 

AML is a cancer in the blood that results in the growth of abnormal white blood cells that the development of red blood cells, platelets and normal white blood cells. Untreated, AML progresses very quickly and can cause death within a few weeks or months.

Josh was diagnosed at BSA in Amarillo and transferred to Houston's MD Anderson for treatment. He has under gone three rounds of chemotherapy at MD Anderson. Following the 3rd round of chemotherapy, he developed severe infections in his lungs and urinary track which required hospitalization. He developed pneumonia which progressed into congestive heart failure. He was on a respirator for over a week, and on a heart monitor for more than 2 weeks.

We have decided to complete the last two rounds of chemotherapy in Amarillo.