Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Birthday

What is the most memorable birthday you ever had? Was it when you turned six and got a new bike? I don't remember a lot of birthdays when I was younger, but the year I turned 50 will remain etched in my memory for a long time. The day before my 50th birthday, our 17 year old son Joshua was diagnosed with leukemia.

This past weekend,  Joshua turned 19.

Last year for his 18th birthday, we celebrated it a few weeks late because he wanted to wait for his hair to grow back in. So we celebrated his birthday along with the completion of chemotherapy. Although his treatment was done, we still didn't know what to expect and spent much of the following year hoping and praying that his remission would turn into a cure.

The road has been interesting to say the least. Over the summer, he finished high school, got a job and an apartment in Amarillo in the fall and started his first semester of college. To keep us on our toes, he fell asleep on his way home from school, rolled his car and was lifeflighted to the trauma center. After a night in the hospital they sent him home to learn how to ride the bus.

He is now in his second semester of college, working 2 jobs, borrowing dad's truck and saving for another car. And Sunday he turned 19. Some cake, ice cream and a few friends was all of the excitement and we are glad to celebrate a calm and peaceful birthday with him.

Happy Birthday Josh !!! Enjoy your last year of being a teenager. We are thankful for the gift of another year.

Turning 50 after Josh was diagnosed with leukemia

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  1. Happy birthday to Josh. It's awesome to see how God has healed and provided for him. Happy for y'all.

    Sarah Langley